Out of love for groovy riffs, sonic scapes and thick smoke, the debut album was created, through which the listener is led by the spirit of "Weedow". She is an energy created as a result of the clash of the ethereal vapors of resin plants with the corrupt world around us. Her soul appears every time the band plays a sound, surrounding the listener with her vines. She leads him through a wide spectrum of emotions, unreality, and the burden of existence.

Weedow is a band from Kraków, Poland that was formed in early 2022. Initially, there were casual jam sessions by the duo Patryk (bass and vocals) and Maciej (drums). After a while, the riffs and bits started to connect, and jamming turned into writing the first tunes. In the middle of the year, the duo found guitarist - Tomasz, who complimented the rhythm section with solos and licks straight from the good old blues. Inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, REZN, Dope Smoker and Electric Wizard, the members began working on their first LP, attempting to combine musical inspirations with their own style. On February 4th 2024, self-titled album "Weedow" has been released.

Weedow is

Patryk Wójcik (bass/vocals), Tomasz Raszewski (guitar), Maciej Budzowski (drums)